The Gillespie Company is the only transformational developer that is the impetus for growth in communities in need of rejuvenation and an urban core who want an advocate to make a positive impact on their community through the built environment, in an era of disengaged and remote corporate builders.

Our mission is to develop, construct, and maintain innovative properties that improve the surrounding area, providing a vibrant built environment for people to live and work, established through a process of integrity and trust. We want to make a better future, better community, and better place.

The Gillespie Company is an area leader in transformational development and construction management. Our specialty is developing multi-use real estate properties with unique, on-demand commercial on bottom, and modern elegant residential on top – but that’s not all we do.

We want to be on the same page with the township, cities, and communities we work with from the very beginning. We want their immediate and continued involvement and input. That’s not valued by other companies in our industry. We want to build communities, together.

We like to be partners with our commercial tenants and say, “Your success is our success.” We want to help connect you with our other partners and be part of our TGC family, not just an occupant of our space. We are your advocate.

Above and beyond is our standard. We not only build thriving heartbeats of cities, we also build beautiful commercial and residential spaces you can be proud to call home.

We are an urban transformational trendsetter that utilizes an honest and upfront approach to build homes; not just apartments, to help grow communities; not just pocketbooks, and to go above and beyond to advocate for our tenants, partners, and our community.