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ServicesPicThe Gillespie Company is able to take a project from idea to completion, while providing the skills and expertise to design, specify, and construct. We are also equipped to assist with procurement of development incentives; Brownfields, grants and financing that are critical to any development.
The following are testimonials from just a few of our satisfied clients.
From the first contact with Scott Gillespie we found him to be knowledgeable and sincere in helping us expand our business.  We are proud to be part of his business “family” and proud to be a part of his efforts in rebuilding the downtown area of Lansing.  We feel that Scott and his very capable associates have only our best interest at heart and when there are issues or inquiries they always provide resolutions on a timely basis.  We are not just a number to any of them.  Any further expansions or growth within our company will include Scott Gillespie and his company.
Shirley Decker
Mert’s Specialty Meats


We are very happy to be apart of their business rental area at 2024 East Michigan Avenue (the corner of Fairview Street and Michigan Avenue). They maintain the buildings interior and exterior upkeep in a timely manor if needed.

 The Wild Strawberry & More



Scott is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He’s not your typical developer, and I think his plans for the future are outstanding. My belief is that he’s going to level some, but he’s not touching Emil’s. He’s building around it.

Paul Grescowler
Owner, Emil’s Italian Restaurant